Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sumner & Company

So folks, here it is. I settled on a new name for my business venture:

Sumner & Company

Honestly, it seems a little anti-climactic (or it does to me at least). I mean, it does, right? After so many months asking around and thinking all the time about it, I was expecting to land at some awesome combination of random words that would just "stick" and sound awesome. I tried so, so hard.

Too hard, as a it turned out. It was too difficult for me to pull words out of thin air, and it felt like I was being fake (I'm also notoriously indecisive). A very close friend reminded me recently that what I do in my kitchen with candy is very honest and pretty simple. I'm not creating some crazy, elaborate concoctions (not that there's anything wrong with that!). I just view what I do as straightforward and genuine.

The Sumner, obviously, is me. The "Company" refers not to the legal entity I am going to form - rather, it is about the company I keep. It includes all of my friends, all creative in one way or another, who I hope to collaborate with at some point (if I haven't already). These are the people that are truly my company - my encouragement, supporters, pep-talkers, idea-makers, opinionators (honest and critical), investors (I can't believe I have those already), and everyone who really believes in me. When I moved to New York City almost 10 years ago, I never expected to have made such an extensive and supportive group of amazing friends! The "Company" in Sumner & Company is also a big ol' thank you to everyone who's gotten me to where I am today (and there are lots of you).

Ok, I could get really mushy here, but I won't. I'm just excited and continually humbled by the people in my life.

So yeah, keep an eye out for new things coming soon. This blog is going to continue, but it might change URLs. I'll let y'all know. I'm hoping to get things up and going by the holiday season, so please check back often. If you don't, I'll find your ass and blow up your inbox with announcements.

Thanks again to everyone.

Thanks also to Stevie Nicks, who I have been listening to all morning.

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