Sunday, January 27, 2008

Coming soon...

Well after a mega-long break, I've started baking again. I made a huge batch of cupcakes yesterday. Also, I went to Miami, painted my bedroom floor white, and scrubbed all the gunk out of my shower (sorry - that's gross). My point is - new beginnings!!

I've been laid off my job at Getty Images, which I'm like 85% happy about. The other 15% of me is a bit concerned for my financial future, but I'm sure I'll land on my feet and be on to much better things. Or is it too much to expect that things could get better than spreadsheets, budget-tracking, and return-on-investment reporting? I'd hate to be disappointed. Maybe that's all there is to life?

I joke, of course. I'm excited to make a new life for myself, whatever it ends up being. For the first time in my life, I have a bit of money and lots of time. I mean, if I don't try to make a change now, then when? While I'm not going to say I never want another desk job again (those jobs do offer a very satisfying sense of financial security - until you get laid off), I plan on doing everything I can to avoid getting stuck in another dead-end desk job. I've put in too many years already at meaningless corporate jobs, doing work that isn't interesting and doesn't make any difference, and doesn't even pay well. That's just no good. In 100 years, nothing I did at Getty Images will have made any difference in the world. Heck, not even in 5 years. Ok, honestly, barely now. Getting laid off brought up a surprising number of emotional reactions for me, though none of which has been even close to "Why me?" More like, "Geez, now what?" Getty forced a major life change on me, but I have a feeling that I'll be thanking them for that sooner rather than later.

So onwards and upwards. I feel a little excited and cautiously optimistic about my future for the first time in a long time.

More to come!


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