Monday, February 11, 2013


I'm not sure if anyone ever still checks this old blog out (I'd be so flattered if they did!), but in case you hadn't heard, you can find me making a mess 'o candy over at my new site, Sumner & Company.

I'm back to writing, too, so please check out the blog page if you have a minute. Thanks!


Sunday, March 25, 2012


It's been a while. How y'all doing? Happy Spring!

Man, this year got off to a rough start. I've had to hold off writing anything until I got some major stuff sorted out. Until now, I really haven't even been able to sit down and organize my thoughts. My good pal, Mike Hamm, died very suddenly at the start of the year. It was shocking and incredibly hard to deal with. He was 29. Rather than get too sad or write anything too grim, I'd like to put out there what an amazing guy Mike was, and how much I got from him in the short time I knew him. He never met a stranger and was always in a great mood. After he died, the party continued with his friends and family in Texas (an amazing trip, despite the circumstance), and now in NYC. I love you, pal, and I miss your stupid face!

So all of January was spent dealing with Mike's passing, and my life kind of ground to a halt for several weeks. After spending some time with his awesome family (thanks for all the wine, Mr. Hamm!), I felt considerably better, and found the motivation to get on to my next big task: finding a new apartment and moving. So that was how I spent all of February. I must have looked at over 20 apartments in Brooklyn, none of which were in my price range or were a very good fit. I ended up looking in Manhattan's Lower East Side, near Chinatown, and found a nice, quiet one bedroom close to the East River (I hear ship horns at night!). I signed the lease and made the move to Manhattan just before March. So now, not only am I not baking, I live in Manhattan. I wonder if Blogger would let me change my blog to A Candy Maker in Manhattan. Doesn't quite roll off the tongue...

My new website is still in the works, too, and it's going to look great. I wrangled a super-talented food photographer, Armando, to shoot my site for me. Gary is almost done with the logo and the layout. I'm doing a test-run at my friend Adam's restaurant kitchen this Thursday. I hope that works out - it would be great to have a dedicated space to work out of!

So yeah, after a slow start, I feel like my year finally got started in March, and it's full-steam ahead! Look for lots more coming here soon. Especially my new website, which I am so excited about!


Thursday, December 15, 2011


You looking for caramels?

Check it!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I still kind of can't believe how fast the holiday season already seems to be going! Like most people, I'm in go-mode from now until the start of next year. On my to-do checklist:

1. Tour guide for entire Sumner clan in NYC (first time ever!)
2. Find new apartment.
3. Organize orders for candy
4. Gift boxes for Ace Hotel clients
5. Prepare and ship candy orders for holidays
6. Begin weekly caramel delivery to Cochinita Taqueria!
7. Candy delivery to Mama's Food Bar!

Of all of these things, finding an apartment is the most daunting and least fun. Duh. I'm looking for a 1BR in Williamsburg or Greenpoint, so if you know of anything, please let me know!

On another note, I'm again working with Ed at Stencil1 on his new book, Stencil201. He had his first-of-many book release parties this past Monday night at Powerhouse Arena in DUMBO. I was on hand with some stenciled cookies, and plenty of caramels! Check out some photos:

I signed my first-ever autograph!

My pal (and current Top Chef hottie contestant) Tylor Boring stopped by to say hey and pose for silly photos!

Here's the author, Ed Roth (on the left) and yours truly.

More silly photos!

Frankly, I think pages 34 and 35 are the best in the whole book. Totally unbiased opinion, of course.

The event was really great! Lots of people came by to check it out and purchase the book. Ed has two (or three?) more events coming up across the country in the coming weeks. I guess I should add that onto my ever-growing to-do list above!

Check back here very soon for a holiday price list of candies I'm selling, and don't be surprised one day very soon when you come to this blog and it's been replaced by a page for my new company, Sumner & Company. The temporary holding page will be up first and will have ordering info, prices, products, as well as a link to this blog. Probably around the first of 2012, look for a super sexy brand new website! I'm very excited about the work Gary and I are doing on the brand, and I can't wait to share it with everyone!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Look at this silly cake I made. It's a pistachio cake, but you'd probably never know that based on how I decorated it.

It was actually for one of my best friends, Ashton, who became a US citizen in the last few years, and who, like me, always gravitates to a red/white/blue color scheme. This was just over the top, though.

The frosting was honey/vanilla/pistachio. It was sweet (too sweet for my taste, actually), but people seemed to really go for it.

The decor was inspired by an ice cream cake I saw in a shop in Sleepy Hollow a few weeks back, when Eric and I were taking a Sunday leaf-peeping drive. We were both like, "Agh! It's ugly! And amazing!"

Anyway, there you go.

Still in the works to get Sumner & Company up and running. I've met with an accountant who is advising me about forming the corporation and what steps I need to take. I'm also in the midst of looking for a new apartment in Brooklyn (a full-time job unto itself, as any new Yorker knows), dealing with some serious changes at my OTHER job, trying to build the Sumner & Company brand/website, all while maintaining a growing weekly order of candy for the Ace Hotel. My days are full, to say the least!

So, back to it. And if you know any any apartments in Williamsburg/Greenpoint, let me know. I'll bake you a thank-you cake!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Here's a small glimpse of the packaging process for Pop Souk this past Sunday. I did 150 of these. Whoop!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pop Souk was a complete success for me yesterday - I sold out of everything! I went in with 120 boxes of candy, and left with only two, which I was going to give as gifts. I was really anxious about selling at the event for two reasons: 1) it was predominantly a venue for selling clothing and accessories, and 2) I've never really done it in person. It was nerve-wracking to put myself out there face-to-face with my customers. The response, fortunately, was overwhelmingly positive (except for that one woman who spit a caramel back out - you suck).

I was curious if I'd see "the face" - it's the face that every cook or baker knows to look for. That look of surprise/pleasure/"Oh my God" a person makes when they first experience what you've made. I saw it several times yesterday, which was a true relief. It seems funny to me that, after selling candy for so many years now and knowing people like what I make, I was still so uncertain that I would get a good reaction.

Fortunately, my friends really came through for me. My amazing boyfriend Eric ran around all morning buying me props to decorate my booth (oddly, I went with nothing). He got me coffee, breakfast, a glue gun (without which I couldn't affix my labels), and he tricked my table out with beautiful rosemary bushes and tomato plants. Check it:

By the way, the producers of the event put me right between Patricia Fields and Oak - and next to the bar. The attention was great, and I finished a bottle of Jameson with the kids from Pat Fields.

The other thing I really had going for me was the amazing packaging that I worked out with my pall Gary. He TURNED IT OUT for me. We started designing this 4 days before the event. He was presenting his ideas for my new website (which are fucking awesome!), and we discussed packaging for this event. We made some quick decisions and he got to work on designing what I needed. After I got everything printed and cut, I was really happy with how professional and "finished" it all looked. I heard several people comment on the packaging alone.


(Sorry for the crappy photos)

In the end, I left feeling completely satisfied with all that I had accomplished. It still feels weird to me that I just sold 120 boxes of candy that I made, wrapped, and packaged all by myself, but it's encouraging and exciting that people were so into it.