Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Look at this silly cake I made. It's a pistachio cake, but you'd probably never know that based on how I decorated it.

It was actually for one of my best friends, Ashton, who became a US citizen in the last few years, and who, like me, always gravitates to a red/white/blue color scheme. This was just over the top, though.

The frosting was honey/vanilla/pistachio. It was sweet (too sweet for my taste, actually), but people seemed to really go for it.

The decor was inspired by an ice cream cake I saw in a shop in Sleepy Hollow a few weeks back, when Eric and I were taking a Sunday leaf-peeping drive. We were both like, "Agh! It's ugly! And amazing!"

Anyway, there you go.

Still in the works to get Sumner & Company up and running. I've met with an accountant who is advising me about forming the corporation and what steps I need to take. I'm also in the midst of looking for a new apartment in Brooklyn (a full-time job unto itself, as any new Yorker knows), dealing with some serious changes at my OTHER job, trying to build the Sumner & Company brand/website, all while maintaining a growing weekly order of candy for the Ace Hotel. My days are full, to say the least!

So, back to it. And if you know any any apartments in Williamsburg/Greenpoint, let me know. I'll bake you a thank-you cake!

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Erin said...

These cookies are incredible. I've read your blog for a while now and have never commented... Love seeing what you're cooking up!