Monday, October 24, 2011

Pop Souk was a complete success for me yesterday - I sold out of everything! I went in with 120 boxes of candy, and left with only two, which I was going to give as gifts. I was really anxious about selling at the event for two reasons: 1) it was predominantly a venue for selling clothing and accessories, and 2) I've never really done it in person. It was nerve-wracking to put myself out there face-to-face with my customers. The response, fortunately, was overwhelmingly positive (except for that one woman who spit a caramel back out - you suck).

I was curious if I'd see "the face" - it's the face that every cook or baker knows to look for. That look of surprise/pleasure/"Oh my God" a person makes when they first experience what you've made. I saw it several times yesterday, which was a true relief. It seems funny to me that, after selling candy for so many years now and knowing people like what I make, I was still so uncertain that I would get a good reaction.

Fortunately, my friends really came through for me. My amazing boyfriend Eric ran around all morning buying me props to decorate my booth (oddly, I went with nothing). He got me coffee, breakfast, a glue gun (without which I couldn't affix my labels), and he tricked my table out with beautiful rosemary bushes and tomato plants. Check it:

By the way, the producers of the event put me right between Patricia Fields and Oak - and next to the bar. The attention was great, and I finished a bottle of Jameson with the kids from Pat Fields.

The other thing I really had going for me was the amazing packaging that I worked out with my pall Gary. He TURNED IT OUT for me. We started designing this 4 days before the event. He was presenting his ideas for my new website (which are fucking awesome!), and we discussed packaging for this event. We made some quick decisions and he got to work on designing what I needed. After I got everything printed and cut, I was really happy with how professional and "finished" it all looked. I heard several people comment on the packaging alone.


(Sorry for the crappy photos)

In the end, I left feeling completely satisfied with all that I had accomplished. It still feels weird to me that I just sold 120 boxes of candy that I made, wrapped, and packaged all by myself, but it's encouraging and exciting that people were so into it.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS! I was certain that you will be make great Caramel probably the best I ever had..Soooo cute from your boyfriend to decorate the booth..he did a good job and you look adorable together... CONGRATS to that also... Best success mister Candyman!!!!!

Christian said...

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

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