Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Well, as expected, the Vosges Chocolate Bacon Toffee is pretty outrageous.

It's incredibly buttery, and no one does chocolate better. I was a little thrown by the bacon flavor at first. It's pretty bacon-y, but the flavor reminds me more of bacon fat rather than actual bacon pieces. Reagardless, I just ate two more pieces while writing this short post, so I'm not complaining, apparently.

Grab it here, or stop by one of their stores in Manhattan (or Chicago or Vegas) and grab it. Twelve bucks well spent. While you're there, try their Cherry Rooibos Bar. I think it's actually a better flavor than the bacon, it;s easier to eat, and the texture is perfect.

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Anonymous said...

Love the blog except I can't get these sugary snacks in London.

You need to go international!

It kills me to see that you guys have bacon toffee snacks!

- www.thehomosocial.com