Friday, September 25, 2009

Startin' anew

Well I'm back from my week in Provincetown. The wedding cake came out pretty well, considering the challenge it presented (being in Massachusetts, baking in someone else's kitchen, white chocolate buttercream on a humid, rainy day next to the ocean, etc). More on that later, and some pics.

I also just moved into my new apartment, and I'm really hoping to stay here for a while. I'm been struggling with being in New York lately - questioning if my time here may be coming to an end, and if not (probably not), then what can I do to jazz things up? I've decided not to get cable again. It's too distracting (though I'll miss you Sandra Lee!). I'm going to instead try to use my time for more cooking, baking, preserving, canning, pickling, and dinner parties. And I want to learn how to sew. And make candles the old way.

Anyway, no more cable. A great new apartment with a ton of space for me and Loretta. The arrival of fall. I feel like I have a lot to look forward to.

And I'll be writing about it all.



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