Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An Idea

I've been wondering for a while how I can get more of my cakes and pies and stuff out there for people to try, but without making the full-sized deal. So, I got this idea to start making "minis" to give out as samples. I have several mini aluminum pie pans, but since I've been making more cakes lately, I wanted to work on those.

Well lookey what I found online:


Mini cake pans, all 3" x 2". Pretty cool, right? Right?!

Wait, no, ok, I know - not THAT cool. But now I just need to get to work on these little guys. First up will be my own adaptation of Baked's salted chocolate caramel cake that I've been making so often lately. My secret ingredient will be revealed soon.

Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

DUDE! Maybe I can finally taste the choc/PB cake? I will buy a mini one from you for reals. XO

Anonymous said...

I'd totally want to sample that chocolate salt cake.

-Love, a stranger in Minnesota.